Category: Case Studies

  • Kinko – Financial Transactions at Retail

    Kinko – Financial Transactions at Retail

    UX Case Study Overview For this project, the analysis and proposed solution for the payment process in the physical store of the Kinko chain in Uruguay were proposed. As a UX designer, I carried out general research, audience analysis, purchasing process, vision statement, short-term (MVP) and long-term solutions, scenarios, MVP proposal, user flow, wireframes and…

  • techunt – search, compare and track

    techunt – search, compare and track

    Product Designer UXUI Case Study Overview techunt is a mobile app for searching, comparing and tracking electronic products. It searches different online stores, compares them with similar products and brands in order to track the price to buy the product at the right time. For this project we did the complete UXUI process, from research,…