Category: UXUI

  • Moweek


    Overview Moweek is a fashion event that takes place twice a year in Montevideo, Uruguay. In 2020 they contact me to redesign their new site. This was outdated, it was not consistent with the vision and what the brand and its events wanted to communicate. For this project, the analysis of the context, the competition […]

  • Late Night Streaming

    Late Night Streaming

    Overview Currently the number of streaming services is enormous and it is not possible to see all the possibilities in one place. With this situation arises the need to have a site where to find all the information about movies and series and where to watch, rent or buy them. This is how LateNightStreaming was […]

  • Metalecture


    Overview Remote education has grown a lot in recent years and has intensified in the pandemic with mobility restrictions. To this is added the large number of learning offers, from universities, institutes and private online course services. And finally, the value of the certifications in the different professions. In this context, the need arises to […]

  • Mus


    Overview MUS is a streaming music application (iOS and Android) that prioritizes and promotes Uruguayan artists, as well as having the catalog of the most important labels in the world. With the goal of reaching everyone with the differential of Uruguayan music, and knowing that the biggest consumer would be on Android devices, a clear […]

  • Stylespring


    Overview Stylespring is a multi-brand clothing sales site. For this project the aesthetic appeal was sought focused on a young user. This was achieved through a high-contrast, dynamic palette, a jagged structure, and the use of large images. For the product grid screen, it was sought to optimize the space and to be able to […]

  • The Hidden Portal

    The Hidden Portal

    Overview This project is small but rewarding. Today, access to information is increasingly complex, noisy and not always faithful. On the other hand, reading times are very fast or sometimes non-existent. But the mail reading space still prevails. This is where TheHiddenPortal comes in, a newsletter subscription site for themes and reliable sites. In addition […]